“Delicious starts with our Hearts”

It’s time for Bermuda to enjoy an amazing nutritional experience with dishes that satisfy. Our mission is to make you feel like you are eating a perfectly prepared home cooked meal. Urban Asian flavors blend together in a relaxed West-Coast Vibe. Your palate is excited while you find yourself unwinding with friends and co-workers.

  • Our signature “Skinny Dipping”™ Menu and “Fully Dressed”™ Menu offer lower carbohydrate leaner protein options or fully loaded flavorful fun options.
  • Utopia Small Plate offerings make us ideal for sharing with friends
  • Menus designed by Chef Karsten and Nutritionist Myra change seasonally
  • Home-made Sauces and locally sourced ingredients are highlighted
  • We love catering for small corporate events, corporate on-site dining and take out.
  • Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten free options in a relaxed vibe featuring 3 levels of distinct dining in a casual atmosphere